A young boy is walking with monitors on his leg. A doctor can be seen in the distance.The Director of 临床教育 (DCE) is responsible for arranging all clinical internships that will involve travel throughout the University of Toronto catchment area.  The catchment extends from Oakville in the west to Pickering in the east and the northern boundary is Barrie.  No student may undertake to make her/his own arrangements with any clinical site.  Doing so will inhibit your opportunity to be placed at that site in the future.


  1. 虽然将尽一切努力让学生在校内自己喜欢的领域进行,澳门赌场部门有权将学生在何时何地认为有必要满足学生的计划需求的权利。
  2. Students are reminded that internships are limited and subject to availability.  Students, therefore, may be required to complete their clinical unit requirements outside of their area of preference/residence.  In this situation, accommodation and travel expenses are the responsibility of the student.


一个与我们的临床教育计划有关的所有站点的列表可以在我们找到 临床合作伙伴 页。



Each student is required to complete 28 weeks of approved full-time clinical practice as well as structured clinical sessions throughout the curriculum.  The number and length of internships have been selected to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills at the various stages of their education, while allowing adequate opportunity for exposure to different areas of physical therapy practice.

这些实习可以是跨护理急性护理,康复,长期护理和社区护理的连续性。社区医疗包括私人执业,WSIB社区诊所,行业机会,廉政公署和社区服务机构。你还可以有机会做了特别的兴趣实习。这些机会可以由学生根据基于可用的实习机会,个人兴趣进行选择。这可能是一个额外的心肺,肌肉骨骼或神经学实习,只要它是尚未完成的实习的重复。 (例如,谁已经完成了内科/外科实习学生可以选择另一种心肺实习作为一个选择性的,但它必须是在不同的区域,例如,呼吸康复。)

Students are required to have at least one internship in cardiorespiratory care, neurology and two internships in musculoskeletal practice. One internship must be in acute care, another in rehabilitation care, and a third must be in community care which may include out-patient practice.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, no more than two internships in the curriculum may be in outpatient musculoskeletal practice.  Satisfactory completion of all clinical units is required for graduation.

Internship requests will be reviewed by the Director of 临床教育 (DCE) and every attempt will be made to meet the needs of the students’ program.  Where difficulties arise in meeting these exact requirements, the DCE will attempt to arrange the most suitable alternative.  Students are encouraged to meet with the DCE to discuss their particular circumstances where necessary.



The DCE will attempt to match the students to one of their five choices through a computerized, random assignment process once specific learning needs or clinical site requirements are considered. Since internship availability is dependent upon the group selection process, students may not necessarily receive one of their preferred options.  Some internships may change or be cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances and we will attempt to rematch you.  These situations are often beyond the university’s control.




Following successful completion of the first clinical internship of Unit 4, students may request two out-of-catchment internships while in the program.  Students must have a minimum of 75% overall average, and have progressed through the program with no conditions and no problems in any of their previous clinical experiences.  Students granted a supplemental practical exam in a subject area will not be permitted to go out of catchment for the internship relevant to that unit.


学生可承接一五周的实习加拿大以外的地区。该请求将被考虑单元7,单元9或单元11只。澳门赌场收费的所有学生$ 50的管理费为处理国际实习。有意在加拿大的国家之外安排的实习应该事先与国际设施的任何接触开始时的DCE满足学生。这将确保适当的文件转发到网站,供其审查。它是学生的研究,并与国际设施初次接触的责任。一旦学生已收到的设施的兴趣书面确认,大商所将在后续与设施,以确认安排和转发相应的证明文件。临床教育网站上,特定的部分,一直致力于国际临床实习在内的国际网站的要求和学生的要求。请查看本节,预约看 教授布伦达·森 如果你有兴趣在国际机会。




Students must attend all clinical practice sessions in the Physical Therapy Program.  In the event of medical illness, injury, or extenuating circumstances where the student will be absent from their clinical internship, the student is required to inform the Clinical Instructor (CI) and the Centre Coordinator for 临床教育 (CCCE) before clinical hours so that patients may be re-assigned.  The student is also required to inform the DCE of any absences from clinical internships.  If, due to illness, a student is unable to attend clinical practice for three or more consecutive days, the student must provide the CCCE & DCE at the Department of 澳门赌场 with a medical certificate. A student who misses more than one day of a full-time clinical internship must make up the time lost.  A lengthy absence may necessitate withdrawal from an internship.

ALL arrangements for making up time lost from clinical practice are the responsibility of the student with the CI and CCCE.  It is the responsibility of the student to inform the DCE of the plan to make up time lost from the clinical internship.  No student may arrange with his/her CI to make up time lost outside of designated clinical hours unless this has been approved by the CCCE and DCE.




  • Conservative, professional and non revealing attire is expected (e.g. clothes must be neat and ironed; shirts sleeves must be at or longer than the mid-humerus level; shorts and skirts must be knee length).  No denim, jeans, track pants, training pants, shirts with logos, sleeveless shirts nor shirts with cap sleeves.
  • 平底鞋必须是干净和像样的一个封闭的脚跟和脚趾。
  • 滑,是不是在刮病人,短项链的风险戒指,手表和小耳钉可以穿;任何其他可见化妆品身体穿孔是不允许的。
  • 头发必须是干净整洁,长头发扎在脑后。
  • 指甲要短而平滑。指甲油是不允许的,也不是丙烯酸和凝胶覆盖指甲。
  • 化妆应该要谨慎小心。
  • 参加会议时,患者存在时或口香糖可能无法咀嚼。


All students are required to identify themselves as Physical Therapy students throughout the program.  Clinical ID cards (provided by the Department of 澳门赌场) must be worn at all times in clinical facilities.  Students must introduce themselves as PT students to all clients and staff.  Written documentation must clearly be signed ‘PT 澳门赌场 student’ and ‘year’.  If you lose your Clinical ID Card you must replace it immediately by emailing the Student Liaison Officer at ptstudent.services@utoronto.ca.


In certain patient-care settings or institutions where students are assigned for clinical units, documentary proof of a current Tuberculin Test and/or negative chest x-ray, as well as proof of current immunization against specific diseases, may be required.  Please be aware that some sites (for example paediatric sites, long term care sites) require all staff to receive the flu vaccine.  As a student in such an environment, you are required to produce evidence of your vaccination. In addition, special requirements regarding infection control may be required.



The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care & Department of 澳门赌场 strongly recommend the influenza vaccine.  Clinical facilities strongly encourage all staff and students to receive the influenza vaccine.  If there is an outbreak and the student is not vaccinated, they may be redeployed by the site or when appropriate dismissed from the clinical site for the safety of the student and patients.  If students are unable to achieve the objectives of the internship, they will have to repeat the clinical internship which may delay graduation and be associated with increased fees.